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  1. the political orientation of those who favor government by the people or by their elected representatives
  2. a political system in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who can elect people to represent them
  3. the doctrine that the numerical majority of an organized group can make decisions binding on the whole group
  4. government in which people participate

democracy Sentences in English

  1. जनतन्त्र  =  dictatorship
    India is the world's largest democracy.

  2. संचालन  =  control
    Industrial democracy

  3. लोकतंत्र
    India is the world's largest democracy.

  4. जनतन्त्र
    Democracies require compromise.

  5. प्रजातंत्र
    India is the world's largest democracy.

  6. प्रजातंत्र  =  doctrine
    Democracies require compromise.

  7. लोकतंत्र  =  doctrine
    Democracies require compromise.

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