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  1. located in a dismal or remote area
  2. desolate
  3. barren
  4. uncultivated
  1. an arid region with little or no vegetation
  2. wasteland; dry area
  1. leave someone who needs or counts on you
  2. leave in the lurch
  3. desert (a cause, a country or an army), often in order to join the opposing cause, country, or army
  4. abandon
  5. defect

desert Sentences in English

  1. बंजर  =  barren
    Desert land.

  2. मरूभूमी  =  barren land
    Somalia is mostly desert.

  3. रेगिस्तान  =  barren land
    Somalia is mostly desert.

  4. डेसेर्ट्  =  human
    When he had to speak his confidence suddenly deserted him

  5. छोड़ देना  =  human
    The guard deserted his post

  6. त्याग देना  =  abandon
    He deserted his wife and children and went abroad.

  7. डेसेर्टेना  =  event
    At this point his presence of mind/courage deserted him.

  8. छोड़ भागना  =  go away
    The village had been hurriedly deserted as the tanks drew nearer.

  9. छोड़ना  =  leave
    He deserted his wife and children and went abroad.

  10. सेना से भागना  =  run away
    A soldier who deserts in time of war is punished severely.

  11. छोड़ देनाना  =  human
    He deserted his wife

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