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  1. do away with, cause the destruction or undoing of
  2. destroy completely
  3. damage irreparably
  4. defeat soundly
  5. as of animals
  6. demolish
  7. devastate

destroy Sentences in English

  1. हराना  =  conquer
    He destroyed the enemy

  2. ख़राब करना  =  damage
    He destroyed her carrer/reputation.

  3. मार डालना  =  kill
    The injured horses had to be destroyed.

  4. नष्ट करना  =  spoil
    They have destroyed all the evidence.

  5. वध करना  =  enemy
    He destroyed the ememy.

  6. पर पानी फेरना  =  hope
    His speech destroyed all hopes of a peaceful settlement

  7. विध्वंस्त करना  =  thing
    The fire destroyed most of the building

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