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  1. (of roads) not leveled or drained
  2. unsuitable for all year travel
  1. the part of the earth's surface consisting of humus and disintegrated rock
  2. the state of being covered with unclean things
  3. obscene terms for feces
  4. disgraceful gossip about the private lives of other people
  5. grime
  6. impurity
  7. obscenity; immorality
  8. soil
  9. gossip

dirt Sentences in English

  1. धूल  =  dust
    Remove the dirt by soaking in cold water.

  2. मिट्टी  =  earth
    The children were outside playing happily in the dirt

  3. गंदी बतचीत  =  nasty talk
    He likes to hear all the dirt about his collegues.

  4. झूठी निंदा  =  slander
    Dirt about people

  5. पखाना
    A pile of dog dirt on the path

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