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  1. anything that is cast aside or discarded
  2. (cards) the act of throwing out a useless card or to failing to follow suit
  3. getting rid something that is regarded as useless orundesirable
  1. throw or cast away
  2. get rid of

discard Sentences in English

  1. छाँटी हुई वस्तु
    Anything that is cast aside or discarded

  2. छाँटा गया व्यक्ति
    A person that is not wanted or thrown away

  3. डाल देना  =  card game
    She discarded a four, and picked up a king.

  4. निकाल देना
    He had discarded his jacket because of the heat.

  5. फेंक देना
    She discards most of her dresses as not being fashionable enough.

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