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  1. the property created by the space between two objects or points
  2. a distant region
  3. size of the gap between two places
  4. indifference by personal withdrawal
  5. the interval between two times
  6. a remote point in time
  7. interval
  8. range
  9. aloofness
  1. keep at a distance
  2. go far ahead of
  3. dissociate oneself; leave behind

distance Sentences in English

  1. फ़ासला  =  amount
    A distance of 20 miles.

  2. दूर स्थान  =  point
    He won't hit the target from/at that distance.

  3. प्रक्रिया  =  process
    There is still a lot of to be done,but we have come a long distance since last year

  4. अंतर  =  separation
    Distance is no problem with modern telecommunications.

  5. दूरी  =  time
    The school is some distance away

  6. तटस्थता
    Emotional distance

  7. दूर राकना  =  human human
    She needs to distance herself from some of her more extreme suppprters.

  8. अलग करनाना  =  event
    Her wealth and success have distanced her from her old friends

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