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  1. savory dressings for salads
  2. basically of two kinds: either the thin French or vinaigrette type or the creamy mayonnaise type
  3. a mixture of seasoned ingredients used to stuff meats and vegetables
  4. making fertile as by applying fertilizer or manure
  5. a cloth covering for a wound or sore
  6. processes in the conversion of rough hides into leather
  7. the activity of getting dressed
  8. putting on clothes
  9. the act of applying a bandage
  10. a food mixture
  11. the act of clothing
  12. fertilizer

dress Sentences in English

  1. ड्रेसिंग  =  salad dressing
    A low-calorie dressing

  2. मसाला  =  stuffing
    What is the dressing in this chicken

  3. कपड़े पहनना
    Many of our patients need help with dressing.

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