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  1. cover completely or make imperceptible
  2. get rid of as if by submerging
  3. die from being submerged in water, getting water into the lungs, and asphyxiating
  4. kill by submerging in water
  5. submerge in liquid; submerge and die

drown Sentences in English

  1. बाधा डालना  =  sound
    The band drowned out our conversion

  2. भीगो देना  =  liquid thing
    He drowned clothes into the water

  3. भीगो देना  =  drench
    He drowned clothes into the water

  4. सराबोर कर देना  =  food
    He drowned his meal in gravy

  5. जलमग्न कर देना  =  land
    The flood drowned the land

  6. भुला देना  =  sorrow
    He drowned his sorrows in drink

  7. डूबा कर मारना  =  volitional thing
    He drowned her in the river

  8. डूबा होना  =  be
    The meat was drowned in a fatty gravy.

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