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  1. take in solid food
  2. eat a meal
  3. take a meal
  4. take in food
  5. used of animals only
  6. use up (resources or materials)
  7. worry or cause anxiety in a persistent way
  8. cause to deteriorate due to the action of water, air, or an acid
  9. consume food
  10. erode
  11. wear away; use up

eat Sentences in English

  1. भोजन  =  meal
    Eat your meals

  2. खाना  =  food
    Eat your food

  3. खाना  =  meal
    He ate all the meals

  4. खा जाना  =  fire place
    The house was eaten up by the heat

  5. हड़प कर जाना  =  human consume property
    The stepbrothers have eaten up all the property of the ram

  6. खाना  =  human human
    The student eat teacher's brain

  7. पीना  =  human soup
    I ate the soup

  8. नष्ट करना  =  vermin clothes
    White ants ate the clothes

  9. खाना  =  vermin cloth
    White ants eats the cloth

  10. नष्ट करना  =  vermin wood
    The damp has eaten up the wood

  11. खाना  =  volitional live on animal
    Tigers eats the small animals

  12. खाना  =  volitional live on food
    Every human being eats the food

  13. खाना  =  volitional live on plant
    The cows eats the grass

  14. खाना  =  volitional thing animal
    The tiger eats the small one's

  15. खाना  =  volitional thing food
    We love to eat the delicious food

  16. खाना  =  volitional thing plant
    The cow eats the grass

  17. खाना  =  volitional thing
    The tiger eats his daily meals

  18. गल जाना  =  corrode metal substance
    The acid correded the metal

  19. खजे जा रहना  =  event human
    I wonder what's eating him up

  20. खाना  =  animal
    We ate the chicken

  21. खाना  =  food
    She was eating the rice

  22. खाये जाना  =  human
    Tom's very quite tonight what's eating him

  23. खाना  =  plant
    The fishes eats the plantons

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