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  1. hinge joint between the forearm and upper arm and the corresponding joint in the forelimb of a quadruped
  2. a sharp bend in a road or river
  3. a length of pipe with a sharp bend in it
  4. the part of a sleeve that covers the elbow
  5. the joint of a mammal or bird that corresponds to the humanelbow
  6. angular part of arm; angularly shaped item
  1. push one's way with the elbows
  2. shove one's elbow into another person's ribs
  3. push aside

elbow Sentences in English

  1. कोना  =  place
    An elbow of the road

  2. कोना  =  tool
    An elbow of the chair

  3. मोड़  =  turn
    An elbow of the highway

  4. कोहनी  =  volitional thing
    An elbow of a person

  5. गुसाना  =  human, push thing
    He elbowed the book into the table

  6. चीर कर जाना  =  human way
    He elbowed through the crowd

  7. कुहनी मरना  =  human
    He elbowed to me

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