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  1. a rapid bustling commotion
  2. a light brief snowfall and gust of wind (or somethingresembling that)
  3. commotion
  4. burst
  1. move in an agitated or confused manner
  2. cause to feel embarrassment
  3. agitate
  4. confuse

flurry Sentences in English

  1. हलचल
    Her arrival caused a flurry of excitement.

  2. फरफराहट
    The ladies departed in a flurry of silks and satins.

  3. झोंका
    Flurries of snow

  4. बखेड़ा
    An unnecessary flurry caused by uncontrolled tempers

  5. बतंगड़
    An unnecessary flurry caused by uncontrolled tempers

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