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  1. breaking of hard tissue such as bone
  2. (geology) a crack in the earth's crust resulting from the displacement of one side with respect to the other
  3. the act of cracking something
  4. break
  5. rupture
  1. violate or abuse
  2. interrupt, break, or destroy
  3. break into pieces
  4. become fractured
  5. break (a bone)
  6. fracture a bone of

fracture Sentences in English

  1. विभंजन
    Old people's bones are more prone to fracture.

  2. दरार
    Cracks and fractures are appearing in the ancient wall.

  3. अस्थि-भंग
    A break in a bone

  4. तोड़ लेना
    She fell and fractured her skull.

  5. टूट जाना
    His leg fractured in two places.

  6. भंग होना
    Many people predicted that the party would fracture and split.

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