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  1. the outside boundary or surface of something
  2. a part of the city far removed from the center
  3. a social group holding marginal or extreme views
  4. edging consisting of hanging threads or tassels
  5. border
  6. trimming
  1. adorn with a fringe
  2. decorate with or as if with a surrounding fringe

fringe Sentences in English

  1. फ़्रिंज  =  bangs
    The front part of sb's hair that is cut so that it hangs over their forehead

  2. गौण गतिविधि  =  the fringe
    Street musicians have been gathering as part of the festival fringe.

  3. किनारी
    A fringe of woodland

  4. लटकते धागों वाली किनारी
    A strip of hanging threads attached to the edge of sth to decorate it

  5. बाह्य सतह
    Minor parties on the fringe of american politics

  6. बाहरी किनारा
    The fringes of society

  7. किनारी लगाना
    The beach was fringed by coconut palms.

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