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Get into Sentences in English

  1. लत पड़ना  =  addict
    How did she get into drugs

  2. दाखिला मिलना  =  admission
    She's got into Durham to study law.

  3. वाकिफअना  =  be familier
    I have not really got into my new job yet.

  4. मजा लेना  =  enjoy
    I'm really getting into jazz these days.

  5. असर होना  =  influence
    I don't know what's got into him recently-he's become very bad tempered.

  6. शामिल होना  =  involve
    He get into a conversation.

  7. प्रारम्भ करना  =  start
    Get into accountancy.

  8. मुसीबत में पड़ना  =  trouble
    He got into trouble with the police while he was still at school.

  9. पहनना  =  wear
    I can't get into these shoes, they are too small.

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