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glance Definitions and meaning in English

  1. a quick look
  2. brief look
  3. reflection of light
  1. throw a glance at
  2. take a brief look at
  3. rebound after hitting
  4. look at briefly
  5. reflect light
  6. ricochet
  7. hit off of something

glance Sentences in English

  1. नजरअ  =  look
    It was love at first glance.

  2. सरसरी नजर  =  quick look
    Take a glance at the newspaper headlines.

  3. सरसरी नजर डालना  =  quick look
    Glance at the newspaper.

  4. दृष्टि डालना  =  see
    She glanced shyly at him and then lowered her eyes.

  5. चमकना  =  shine
    Sunlight glancing on the water.

  6. ग्लांस करना  =  cricket
    The ball glanced off the goal post into the net.

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