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glitter meaning in hindi

Pronunciation of glitter

glitter in Images  

glitter Antonyms

glitter Definitions and meaning in English

  1. the quality of glittering or sparkling brightly
  2. the occurrence of a small flash or spark
  3. brilliance
  4. sparkle
  1. be shiny, as if wet
  2. sparkle

glitter Sentences in English

  1. चमकी  =  object
    Jane wore pink eye glitter to the party.

  2. तड़क-भड़क
    Behind all the glitter, life in the theatre can be very hard.

  3. चमक
    There was a triumphant glitter in his eyes.

  4. जगमगाहट
    The glitter of diamonds

  5. चमकना
    His eyes glittered with greed.

  6. जगमगाना
    The ceiling of the cathedral glittered with gold.

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