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Able, Acceptable, Accomplished, Ace, Adept, Adequate, Admirable, Adroit, Agreeable, Bad, Au fait, Advantageous, All right, Ample, Appropriate, Approving, Apt, Auspicious, Becoming, Altruistic, Asset, Avail, Behalf, Benediction, Beneficial, Dear, Benevolent, Boss, Bully, Capital, Choice, Commendable, Congenial, Crack, Blameless, Charitable, Capable, Clever, Benefic, Benignant, Brave, Commending, Common, Conformable, Congruous, Convenient, Beneficent, Considerate, Bona fide, Conforming, Big, Complete, Blessing, Boon, Commonwealth, Class, Full, Estimable, Honorable, Fine, Just, Expert, Dependable, Effective, In effect, In force, Good, Goodness, Deluxe, Excellent, Exceptional, Favorable, First-class, First-rate, Gnarly, Gratifying, Great, Dutiful, Ethical, Exemplary, Guiltless, Honest, Incorrupt, Inculpable, Innocent, Irreproachable, Dexterous, Efficient, Decent, Desirable, Favoring, Fit, Fitting, Fruitful, Healthful, Healthy, Helpful, Hygienic, Eatable, Flawless, Fresh, Intact, Friendly, Gracious, Humane, Humanitarian, Genuine, Justified, Decorous, Entire, Extensive, Immeasurable, Favor, Gain, Godsend, Good fortune, Interest, Dignity, Excellence, Ideal, Respectable, Upright, Virtuous, Practiced, Proficient, Skillful, Skilful, Near, Safe, Secure, Right, Ripe, Well, Serious, Sound, Salutary, Unspoiled, Unspoilt, Well, Thoroughly, Soundly, Neat, Nice, Pleasing, Positive, Precious, Prime, Rad, Reputable, Satisfactory, Satisfying, Select, Shipshape, Spanking, Splendid, Sterling, Stupendous, Super, Superb, Superior, Tip-top, Valuable, Welcome, Lily-white, Obedient, Praiseworthy, Pure, Righteous, Tractable, Uncorrupted, Untainted, Well-behaved, Proper, Qualified, Reliable, Serviceable, Suitable, Suited, Talented, Thorough, Trustworthy, Useful, Meet, Needed, Opportune, Profitable, Propitious, Salubrious, Seemly, Tolerable, Toward, Unobjectionable, Loyal, Normal, Perfect, Solid, Stable, Unblemished, Uncontaminated, Undamaged, Unhurt, Unimpaired, Vigorous, Kindhearted, Merciful, Obliging, Philanthropic, Tolerant, Kosher, Legitimate, Orthodox, Regular, Strict, Valid, Kindly, Mannerly, Orderly, Polite, Respectful, Thoughtful, Large, Long, Lucrative, Much, Paying, Sizable, Substantial, Sufficient, Nugget, Plum, Prize, Profit, Prosperity, Service, Treasure, Use, Usefulness, Welfare, Merit, Prerogative, Probity, Quality, Rectitude, Righteousness, Straight, Uprightness, Value, Virtue, Wonderful, Worthy, Wholesome, Whole, Well-disposed, Well-founded, Well-mannered, Worthwhile, Well-being, Windfall, Worth

good Definitions and meaning in English

  1. having desirable or positive qualities especially those suitable for a thing specified
  2. having the normally expected amount
  3. morally admirable
  4. deserving of esteem and respect
  5. promoting or enhancing well-being
  6. superior to the average
  7. agreeable or pleasing
  8. of moral excellence
  9. having or showing knowledge and skill and aptitude
  10. thorough
  11. with or in a close or intimate relationship
  12. having or showing or arising from a desire to promote the welfare or happiness of others
  13. financially sound
  14. most suitable or right for a particular purpose
  15. resulting favorably
  16. exerting force or influence
  17. feeling healthy and free of aches and pains
  18. capable of pleasing
  19. appealing to the mind
  20. in excellent physical condition
  21. tending to promote physical well-being
  22. beneficial to health
  23. not forged
  24. not left to spoil
  25. generally admired
  26. pleasant
  27. fine
  28. moral
  29. virtuous
  30. competent
  31. skilled
  32. useful
  33. adequate
  34. reliable; untainted
  35. kind
  36. giving
  37. authentic
  38. real
  39. well
  40. considerable
  1. benefit
  2. moral excellence or admirableness
  3. that which is good or valuable or useful
  4. advantage
  5. morality
  1. (often used as a combining form) in a good or proper or satisfactory manner or to a high standard (`good' is a nonstandard dialectal variant for `well')
  2. in a complete and thorough manner (`good' is sometimes used informally for `thoroughly')

good Sentences in English

  1. अच्छा  =  clothes
    One my good suit at the cleaner's

  2. खरा  =  money

  3. विनोदी  =  amusing
    Good joke

  4. मजोरंजक  =  amusing
    Good story/joke

  5. शुभ  =  auspicious
    Good morning/evening/day to you!

  6. लाभदायक  =  beneficial
    Is this kind of food good for you

  7. योग्य  =  competent
    Good teacher.

  8. अच्छा  =  eatable
    Separate the good meat from the bad.

  9. खरा  =  genuine
    This note is good,but that one's is counterfiet.

  10. अच्छा  =  good condition-bad condition
    The firm has had good times and bad times

  11. बड़ा  =  great
    The kitchen was a good size.

  12. ज्यादा  =  great
    We waited for a good hour.

  13. मज़बूत  =  healthy
    Good teeth and bones.

  14. दयालु  =  helpful
    He was very good to me when i was ill.

  15. अच्छा  =  morally acceptable
    Try to lead a good life.

  16. अच्छा  =  pleasant
    Have you heard the good news

  17. उचित  =  proper
    She would be good for the job.

  18. ठोस  =  srong
    I have a good excuse for being late.

  19. अनुकुल  =  suitable
    Now is good time to buy a house.

  20. भरपूर  =  thorough
    Give sb a good beating/scolding

  21. मान्य  =  valid
    The return half of the ticket is good for three months.

  22. खराब नहीं हुआ
    The meat is still good.

  23. दक्ष
    A good mechanic

  24. भलाई  =  righteousness
    The difference between good and evil

  25. हित
    For the common good

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