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  1. a tool consisting of several hooks for grasping and holding
  2. often thrown with a rope
  3. a dredging bucket with hinges like the shell of a clam
  4. the act of engaging in close hand-to-hand combat
  1. come to terms or deal successfully with
  2. to grip or seize, as in a wrestling match
  3. grab
  4. wrestle

grapple Sentences in English

  1. कुश्ती
    A fierce grapple

  2. मल्ल युद्ध
    A fierce grapple

  3. धर दबोचना
    Passers-by grappled with the man after the attack.

  4. सामना करना
    The new government has yet to grapple with the problem of air pollution.

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