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  1. भूरा  =  gray, state
    grey eyes.

  2. नीरस  =  boring
    Life seemed grey and pointless after she had gone

  3. धुँधला  =  dim
    The weather was grey and cold

  4. बीमार  =  ill
    the next morning she looked grey and hollow eyed

  5. वृद्ध  =  old
    She has gone very grey.

  6. दुःखी  =  sad
    the next morning she looked grey and hollow eyed

  7. धूँधला  =  state
    the weather was grey and cold

  8. भूरा घोड़ा  =  horse
    He mounted his grey and rode away.

  9. भूरा कपड़ा  =  clothes
    dressed in grey.

  10. भूरा रंग  =  color
    a light grey.

  11. सफ़ेद बाल वाला  =  white
    He's gone very grey.

  12. ग्रे
    Grey depicted an idealized image of the rugged Old West in his writings.

  13. भूरा करना  =  gray, event
    Worry had greyed her hair.

  14. वृद्ध होना  =  beocme old
    He was 50 and greying.

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