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  1. complain
  2. murmur
  3. rumble

grumble Sentences in English

  1. शिकायत  =  complain
    My main grumble is about the lack of privacy.

  2. गर्जनअ  =  rumble
    A distant grumble of thunder.

  3. गड़गड़ाहट
    They heard the grumble of thunder.

  4. गरजना  =  bellow
    Why grumble at me about your own stupid mistakes

  5. शिकायत करना  =  complain
    Stop grumbling! you don't have anything to complain about.

  6. भुनभुनाना  =  grunt
    `Raining again',she grumbled.

  7. गड़गड़ाना  =  sound
    The sound of one's stomach grumbling.

  8. गड़गड़ाना
    The thunder grumbled in the distance.

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