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  1. perceive (sound) via the auditory sense
  2. get to know or become aware of, usually accidentally
  3. examine or hear (evidence or a case) by judicial process
  4. receive a communication from someone
  5. listen and pay attention
  6. become aware of information
  7. detect by perceiving sound

hear Sentences in English

  1. वाह वाह  =  approve
    The crowd said hear! hear! in approval

  2. सुनवाई करना  =  human case
    The judge heard the case

  3. सुनना  =  human event
    I have been hearing of your promotion

  4. सुनना  =  human fact
    He heard her narrative

  5. सुनना  =  human human
    I can hear my mother call

  6. सुनना  =  human information
    I just heard the news

  7. सुनवाई करना  =  human prayer
    The meperor heard the petition of the accused

  8. सुनना  =  volitional thing
    The birds heard the gunshot and flapped about in the air

  9. सुनना  =  volitional thing action
    The cows heard the loud explosion and panicked

  10. सुनना  =  volitional thing human
    The cat heard her master call out ot her

  11. सुनना  =  volitional thing name
    The dog heard his name being called and ran to obey his master

  12. चर्चा सुनना  =  reputation
    We have heard of you

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