hold back meaning in hindi

Pronunciation of hold back

hold back Sentences in English

  1. नियंट्रित करना  =  control
    Hey had erected the barriers to hold back the flood.

  2. रोकना  =  control
    The police were unable to hold back the crowd.

  3. संकोच
    She didn't hold back from telling him what she thought of him.

  4. गुप्त रखना  =  keep secret
    Ell me about it- don't hold anything back.

  5. रोकना  =  prevent
    Do you think that teaching all the children together holds the brighter ones back.

  6. रोक सकना  =  stop
    E struggled to hold back our laughter.

  7. रोकना  =  stop
    She just managed to hold back her anger.

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