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  1. a quick private conference
  2. a disorganized and densely packed crowd
  3. assemblage
  4. crowd
  5. often disorganized
  1. crowd or draw together
  2. crouch or curl up
  3. meet
  4. discuss

huddle Sentences in English

  1. खेल-अवकाश
    In american football - a time when the players gather round to hear the plan for the next part of the game

  2. झुंड
    People stood around in huddles.

  3. सलाह-मशविरा
    A quick huddle with the chairman

  4. गठरी बन जाना
    I huddled under a blanket on the floor.

  5. सिमट जाना
    They all huddled around the fire.

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