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  1. an erroneous mental representation
  2. something many people believe that is false
  3. the act of deluding
  4. deception by creating illusory ideas
  5. an illusory feat
  6. considered magical by naive observers
  7. false appearance; false belief

illusion Sentences in English

  1. भ्रान्ति  =  delusion
    We're left with few illusion about the company's prospects.

  2. मरीचिका  =  mirage
    In the hot sun the surface of the road seems wet,but that is only an illusion.

  3. गलत फहमी  =  misapprehension
    She's under the illusion that he loves her.

  4. मिथ्या धारणा  =  wrong concept
    I have no illusion about my ability.

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