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improve Definitions and meaning in English

  1. to make better
  2. get better
  3. make or become better

improve Sentences in English

  1. सुधारना  =  human thing
    The government will have to improve its image if it want to win the next election

  2. सुधरना  =  situations
    The military situation is improving

  3. बेहतर होना  =  weather
    Let's hope the weather improves before saturday

  4. सुधारना  =  amend
    The editor improved the manuscript with his changes

  5. सुधारना  =  better
    I want to improve my english

  6. सुधरना  =  progress
    His father's health is improving

  7. सुधारना  =  quality
    The company is trying to improve the quality of goods

  8. सुधारना  =  state
    Can you improve the situation of company

  9. सुधारना  =  thing
    Can you improve your habits

  10. बढाना  =  value
    They improved the value of goods

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