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  1. not participating in a chemical reaction
  2. not progressing or increasing
  3. or progressing slowly
  4. not active or exerting influence
  5. of e.g. volcanos
  6. permanently inactive
  7. temporarily inactive
  8. lacking in energy or will
  9. lacking activity
  10. lying idle or unused
  11. not engaged in full-time work
  12. not active physically or mentally
  13. not engaged in military action 1
  14. not in physical motion
  15. not engaged in action; inert
  16. lazy

inactive Sentences in English

  1. प्रभावहीन
    An inactive drug

  2. निष्क्रिय
    Some animals are inactive during the daytime.

  3. बेकार
    An inactive oil well

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