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  1. being or characteristic of a single thing or person
  2. separate and distinct from others of the same kind
  3. characteristic of or meant for a single person or thing
  4. concerning one person exclusively
  5. distinctive
  6. exclusive
  1. a human being
  2. a single organism
  3. singular person
  4. thing

individual Sentences in English

  1. व्यक्तिक  =  personal
    A teacher giving individual attention to the children in her class.

  2. अलग अलग  =  separate
    Food served in individual portions.

  3. व्यक्तिगत  =  single
    We interviewed each individual member of the community.

  4. विशेष  =  special
    An individual style of dress.

  5. व्यक्ति  =  man
    A talented individual.

  6. व्यक्तिगत  =  private
    The rights of the individual compared with those of society as a whole.

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