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  1. communicate a disease to
  2. contaminate with a disease or microorganism
  3. contaminate with ideas or an ideology
  4. affect in a contagious way
  5. pollute
  6. contaminate

infect Sentences in English

  1. संक्रमित करना  =  circulate
    Cholera infected the whole village

  2. दूषित करना  =  contaminate
    The childern infected the water of the lake

  3. बात बिठा देना  =  educate
    The saint's advice infected everybody's mind

  4. छूत लग्ना  =  event human
    Your children have infected you with this bead cold

  5. प्रभावित करना  =  influence
    Her enthusiastic speech infected the whole audience

  6. संक्रमित करना  =  human
    Your children have infected you with this bead cold

  7. प्रदूषित करना  =  sky
    The smoke is infecting the sky

  8. बिठा देना  =  thought
    He infected some good thoughts in her mind

  9. दूषित करना  =  water
    They infected the water of lake

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