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  1. situated within or suitable for inside a building
  2. inside the country
  3. located inward
  4. inside and toward a center
  5. of or coming from the middle of a region or country
  6. "upcountry districts"
  7. inside
  8. central
  1. the region that is inside of something
  2. the inner or enclosed surface of something
  3. the United States federal department charged with conservation and the development of natural resources
  4. created in 1849
  5. center
  6. core

interior Sentences in English

  1. तटवर्ती  =  coastal
    Explorers who penetrated deep into the interior.

  2. अन्दर का  =  inside
    An interior room.

  3. घरेलू मामला  =  internal
    The ministry of interior.

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