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  1. happening or arising or located within some limits or especially surface
  2. occurring within an institution or community
  3. inside the country
  4. located inward
  5. innermost or essential
  6. within

internal Sentences in English

  1. घरेलू  =  domestic
    Internal affairs.

  2. स्वदेशी  =  home
    An internal trade.

  3. अन्त्ःनिहित  =  inlaid
    Internal evidence.

  4. भीतरी  =  inner
    Internal organ.

  5. अंदर का  =  inside
    Internal doors.

  6. आन्तरिक  =  intrinsic
    A theory which lacks internal consistency.

  7. अन्तर्मूखी  =  introvert
    Wrestling with internal doubts.

  8. गोपनीय  =  secret
    Hold an internal inquiry into the dispute.

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