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  1. the emotion of great happiness
  2. something or someone that provides pleasure
  3. a source ofhappiness
  4. great happiness
  5. pleasure
  1. feel happiness or joy
  2. make glad or happy

joy Sentences in English

  1. ख़ुशी  =  cause
    My children are a great joy to me.

  2. आनंद  =  emotion
    She felt the joy of seeing her son's success.

  3. ख़ुशी  =  happiness
    To his mother's joy, he won the first prize.

  4. संतुष्टि  =  satisfaction
    We complained about our rooms,but got no joy from the manager.

  5. आनंद  =  satisfaction
    "any joy at the shop" 'no, they didn't have what i wanted.'

  6. सफलता  =  success
    I tried to get her on the telephone, but i didn't have any joy.

  7. ख़ुश होना  =  event
    They all joyed by hearing a happy news.

  8. ख़ुश करना  =  gladen
    It joyed the old man's heart to see his grandchildren playing in the yard.

  9. ख़ुश होना  =  rejoice
    They all joyed by hearing a happy news.

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