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  1. a public official authorized to decide questions bought before a court of justice
  2. an authority who is able to estimate worth or quality
  3. person who arbitrates
  1. determine the result of (a competition)
  2. form an opinion of or pass judgment on
  3. judge tentatively or form an estimate of (quantities or time)
  4. pronounce judgment on
  5. put on trial or hear a case and sit as the judge at the trial of
  6. make decision from evidence; deduce

judge Sentences in English

  1. पारखी  =  assayer
    She is a good judge of character/art.

  2. अभिज्ञ  =  informed
    I donn't like this wine, not that i'm any judge.

  3. जानकार  =  informed
    I'm no judge of music, but i know what i like.

  4. न्यायाधीश  =  magistrate
    The judge sentenced to her 12 months imprisonment.

  5. न्यायाधीश  =  occupation
    He is a judge of high court.

  6. निर्नायक  =  post
    Both are the judges in this game.

  7. न्यायाधीश  =  status
    He acts as a judge in supreme court.

  8. अम्पायर  =  umpire
    The judge's decision is final.

  9. निर्नायक  =  umpire
    The panel of judges included several well-known writers.

  10. तौलना  =  human thing
    Can you judge this chicken

  11. फ़ैसला सुनाना  =  law, act
    The supreme court is judging that case.

  12. न्यायाधीश बनना  =  law, act
    Who will judge the next case

  13. निर्णय देना  =  decide
    He will judge a talent contest.

  14. आकलन करना  =  estimate
    It is very difficult to judge where the responsibility for the accident really lies.

  15. तौलना  =  estimate
    Can you try to judge these rice

  16. आँकना  =  estimate
    Try to the distace from here to that car.

  17. दंड सुनाना  =  event human
    The supreme court judged him to 12 years

  18. अनुमान लगाना  =  guess
    Can you judge who will come today at our house

  19. अनुमान करना  =  infer
    He judged her to be correct.

  20. न्यायविचार करना
    The football star was judged for the murder of his wife. / the judge judged both father and son in separate trials.

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