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  1. used especially of what is legally or ethically right or proper or fitting
  2. implying justice dictated by reason, conscience, and a natural sense of what is fair to all
  3. free from favoritism or self-interest or bias or deception
  4. or conforming with established standards or rules
  5. of moral excellence
  6. fair
  7. impartial
  8. accurate
  9. precise
  10. suitable
  11. appropriate
  1. and nothing more
  2. indicating exactness or preciseness
  3. only a moment ago
  4. absolutely
  5. by a small margin
  6. definitely
  7. only now
  8. merely

just Sentences in English

  1. उचित  =  action
    It was a just action.

  2. उचित  =  action appropriate
    Home minister ordered cbi to make a just inquiry into this matter.

  3. ठीक  =  action correct
    He couldn't make a just predictions.

  4. उचित  =  demand
    The just demands of the students must be met.

  5. न्यायी  =  human
    Soceity is still based on the just people.

  6. सही  =  idea
    Suddenly a just idea struck my mind.

  7. ठीक  =  time
    It's just 9 o'clock.

  8. उचित  =  fair
    The just demands of the students must be met.

  9. न्यायसंगत  =  lawful
    They were all against his just statement.

  10. उचित  =  proper
    Her marriage at this tender does not seem to be a just step.

  11. करीब-करीब  =  almost, degree
    His performance was just satisfactory.

  12. पूर्णतः  =  completely, degree
    The mango is just ripe now.

  13. शायद  =  probably, manner
    Try his home number - he might just be in.

  14. पूर्णतः  =  completely
    The mango is just ripe now.

  15. ठीक  =  exactly
    Put it just here.

  16. मुश्किल से  =  hardly
    He just mangaged to pass the entrance exam.

  17. तुरंत  =  instantly
    I am just coming.don't go!

  18. अभी-अभी  =  manner
    I have just seen him pass.

  19. केवल  =  only
    This shoe is just for show not for slae.

  20. बिल्कुल  =  quite
    His shirt just my size.

  21. यूँही  =  randomly
    I just came to meet you.

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