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  1. the quality of being just or fair
  2. the administration of law
  3. the act of determining rights and assigning rewards or punishments
  4. a public official authorized to decide questions bought before a court of justice
  5. the United States federal department responsible for enforcing federal laws (including the enforcement of all civil rights legislation)
  6. created in 1870
  7. lawfulness
  8. fairness
  9. person who oversees court of law

justice Sentences in English

  1. न्याय  =  fairness
    A compaign for social justice.

  2. न्यायमूर्त्  =  judge, human
    The justice passed him 12 months imprisonment.

  3. न्याय  =  moral rightness
    Now a days innocent people seldom get justice in court.

  4. न्याय  =  right
    We have to struggle for justice

  5. न्याय  =  law court
    Now a days innocent people seldom get justice in court.

  6. न्याय  =  action
    A court of justice.

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