knock out meaning in hindi

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knock out Synonyms

knock out Definitions and meaning in English

  1. eliminate
  2. knock unconscious or senseless
  3. destroy or break forcefully
  4. overwhelm with admiration
  5. empty (as of tobacco) by knocking out
  6. knock unconscious

knock out Sentences in English

  1. बेहोश कर देना  =  be unconscious
    Don't drink too much of this- it'll knock you out!

  2. हराना  =  defeat
    France knocked belgium out.

  3. गहरा प्रभाव छोड़ना  =  have strong effect
    The movie just knocked me out- it's the best i've ever seen.

  4. निकालना  =  produce
    He knocks out five books every year.

  5. थका देना  =  tire
    Christmas shopping just knocks me out.

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