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  1. the froth produced by soaps or detergents
  2. agitation resulting from active worry
  3. a workman who puts up laths
  4. the foam resulting from excessive sweating (as on a horse)
  5. bubbles
  6. commotion
  7. fuss
  1. cover with soap
  2. beat severely with a whip or rod
  3. form a lather
  4. rub soap all over, usually with the purpose of cleaning
  5. cause to bubble

lather Sentences in English

  1. झाग
    To work up a good lather

  2. का झाग उठना
    Soap does not lather well in hard water.

  3. झाग उठाना
    I lathered my face and started to shave.

  4. कोड़ा मारना
    The teacher lathered the errant students.

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