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lay Definitions and meaning in English

  1. concerning those not members of the clergy
  2. not of or from a profession
  3. amateur
  4. not trained in a religious or other profession
  1. a narrative song with a recurrent refrain
  2. a narrative poem of popular origin
  1. put into a certain place or abstract location
  2. put in a horizontal position
  3. prepare or position for action or operation
  4. lay eggs
  5. impose as a duty, burden, or punishment
  6. put
  7. place
  8. produce
  9. advance
  10. credit
  11. allocate
  12. design
  13. plan
  14. make smooth
  15. bet
  16. wager

lay Sentences in English

  1. अंडा देना  =  bird egg
    The bird lays eggs

  2. दफना देना  =  human
    They laid him to rest

  3. देना  =  insect
    The ants lays eggs in a group

  4. दाँव पर लगा देना  =  gamble money
    He laid all his wealth in gambling

  5. लिटा देना  =  human, event
    They laid him away in the tomb

  6. देना  =  human money
    He had managed to lay by some money for college from his earnings as a newspaperboy.

  7. स्थापित करना  =  place story scene
    Scene of tale laid in london

  8. लिटा देना  =  place human
    Mother laid the baby on the cot

  9. बन्ना  =  place thing
    To lay a superhighway.

  10. गिरा देना  =  state thing
    The summer storm laid the grain the flat

  11. मार देना  =  thing crime
    The robber's laid the family

  12. झड़ना  =  thing thing
    The trees lay their leaves in winter

  13. जम्ना  =  brick
    Lay the bricks on the wall

  14. बोझा लादना  =  burden
    To lay a burden on him

  15. रखना  =  meal
    He laid meal on the table

  16. लागू करना  =  penalty
    To lay an embargo on shipments of oil.

  17. डालना  =  responsibility
    He laid the responsibility on the worker

  18. बल देना  =  stress
    Lay a stress on something

  19. मारना  =  thing
    To lay him with a stick

  20. डालना  =  trap
    To lay a trap

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