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  1. a database containing an ordered array of items (names or topics)
  2. the property possessed by a line or surface that departsfrom the vertical
  3. record
  4. tabulation
  1. give or make a list of
  2. name individually
  3. give the names of
  4. include in a list
  5. enumerate
  6. cause to lean to the side
  7. tilt to one side
  8. lean
  9. slant

list Sentences in English

  1. सूची  =  catalogue
    List of furniture

  2. सूची  =  notebook
    List of notebooks

  3. सूची  =  scan
    List of scans

  4. झुकाव
    The ship developed a list to starboard.

  5. दर्ज करना  =  human name
    He has listed the name in the register

  6. सुची बन्ना  =  human thing
    I have made list of the books

  7. सुची बन्ना  =  organization name
    The foootball management listed the name of the players

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