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  1. weight to be borne or conveyed
  2. a quantity that can be processed or transported at one time
  3. goods carried by a large vehicle
  4. an amount of alcohol sufficient to intoxicate
  5. the power output of a generator or power plant
  6. an onerous or difficult concern
  7. a deposit of valuable ore occurring within definite boundaries separating it from surrounding rocks
  8. the front part of a guided missile or rocket or torpedo that carries the nuclear or explosive charge or the chemical or biological agents
  9. electrical device to which electrical power is delivered
  10. cargo
  11. freight
  12. burden
  13. pressure
  1. fill or place a load on
  2. provide with munition
  3. put (something) on a structure or conveyance
  4. burden
  5. saddle
  6. overburden
  7. pressure

load Sentences in English

  1. भर हुआ  =  dice
    A loaded dice

  2. भर  =  work
    To assign each employee his work load for month

  3. माल
    A load of arms

  4. लादना  =  vehicle
    The workers are loading the goods into the truck

  5. भरना  =  human, event
    She loaded the camerca with the film

  6. भरना  =  human
    We're still loading

  7. भर देना  =  baseball base
    They loaded the bases with two out in the bottom of the eighth inning

  8. डालना  =  computer data
    Load software

  9. लोड करना  =  computer program
    Wait for the game to load

  10. लादना  =  human, event
    They loaded him with the gifts

  11. लादना  =  human responsibility
    To load oneself with obligatioins

  12. लादना  =  human work
    The management loaded the work to the workers

  13. लादना  =  vehicle goods
    To load a lorry up with the bricks

  14. भर देना  =  event human
    They loaded us with gift

  15. बोझ से झुक ज्ना  =  fruit tree
    The tree weighed down by its load of friuts

  16. लादना  =  goods vehicle
    To load the cart with woods

  17. भोझ हलका होना  =  responsibility human
    The phone call took a load off my mind

  18. भर होना  =  book
    Bag was loaded down with the books

  19. डालना  =  camera
    She loaded the camerca with the film

  20. भरना  =  film
    Loaded the film into the camerca

  21. भरना  =  human
    A bus load of people

  22. भरना  =  passenger
    Load of tourists

  23. भरना  =  stick
    The silver candlestick were loaded with lead

  24. भरा हुआ होना  =  table
    The food was loaded on the table

  25. भर हुआ होना  =  vehicle
    The boat is still loading

  26. भरना  =  weapon
    Loaded gun

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