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  1. a document giving an official instruction or command
  2. a territory surrendered by Turkey or Germany after World War I and put under the tutelage of some other European power until they ar able to stand by themselves
  3. the commission that is given to a government and itspolicies through an electoral victory
  4. authority
  5. order
  1. assign under a mandate
  2. make mandatory
  3. assign authority to

mandate Sentences in English

  1. आदेशपत्र  =  authorization
    The president secured the congressional mandate to go to war by three votes.

  2. आदेश
    The bank had no mandate to honour the cheque.

  3. शासनाधिकार
    The cook islands mandate was given to new zealand.

  4. जनादेश
    The election victory gave the party a clear mandate to continue its programme of reform.

  5. शासनकाल
    The presidential mandate is limited to two terms of four years each.

  6. आदेश देना
    The law mandates that imported goods should be identified as such.

  7. सौंपना
    The assembly was mandated to draft a constitution.

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