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muddle Definitions and meaning in English

  1. a confused multitude of things
  2. informal terms for a difficult situation
  3. confused state
  1. make into a puddle
  2. mix up or confuse
  3. confuse
  4. disorganize

muddle Sentences in English

  1. उलझन
    Can you start from the beginning again - i'm in a muddle.

  2. अस्तव्यस्तता
    My papers are all in a muddle.

  3. घपला
    There was a muddle over the theatre tickets.

  4. अस्तव्यस्त कर देना
    Don't do that - you are muddling my papers.

  5. गलती करना
    I muddled the dates and arrived a week early.

  6. गड़बड़ाना
    Slow down a little - you're muddling me.

  7. गड़बड़ा देना
    He muddled the issues.

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