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  1. not wide
  2. limited in size or scope
  3. lacking tolerance or flexibility or breadth of view
  4. very limited in degree
  5. characterized by painstaking care and detailed examination
  6. "a minute inspection of the grounds"
  7. confined
  8. restricted
  9. intolerant
  10. small
  11. cheap
  12. stingy
  1. a narrow strait connecting two bodies of water
  1. make or become more narrow or restricted
  2. define clearly
  3. become more special
  4. become tight or as if tight
  5. reduce
  6. simplify

narrow Sentences in English

  1. संकिर्ण  =  opinion
    His opinion is very narrow

  2. छोट्  =  range
    A narrow mind

  3. सीमित  =  research
    A narrow research

  4. छोटा  =  success
    A narrow success

  5. छोट्  =  width
    A narrow bed

  6. सीमित  =  restricted
    The selection was narrowed

  7. छोटा होना  =  event
    The roads narrows here

  8. छोटा करना  =  road
    They will narrow the road here

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