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  1. offensive or even (of persons) malicious
  2. exasperatingly difficult to handle or circumvent
  3. thoroughly unpleasant
  4. characterized by obscenity
  5. disgustingly dirty

Nasty Sentences in English

  1. खतरनाक  =  disease
    she got a nasty disease

  2. बेकार  =  habit
    nasty habits

  3. अश्लील  =  human
    he turned nasty when I refused to go with him

  4. भयानक  =  look
    he had a nasty look in his eyes

  5. मैला  =  place
    a nasty pigsty of a room

  6. बैकार  =  problem
    a nasty problem

  7. ख़राब  =  weather
    the weather is too nasty for sailing`

  8. कठोर  =  mean
    Don't be so nasty to her

  9. बैकार  =  morally bad
    a nasty stories

  10. बदबुदार  =  not nice
    a nasty smell

  11. अश्लील  =  obscene
    a nasty joke that wasn't funny

  12. भारी  =  severe
    It gave me a nasty shock

  13. शैतान  =  state
    their three nasty children

  14. खराब  =  unfortunate
    I've got a nasty feeling it's goig to rain

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