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  1. absolutely essential
  2. unavoidably determined by prior circumstances
  3. essential
  4. inevitable
  1. anything indispensable

necessary Sentences in English

  1. आवश्यक  =  thing
    It is necessary to attach here.

  2. आवश्यक  =  indispensable
    A necessary law

  3. ज़रूरी  =  inevitable
    One should accept the necessary consequences of one's action.

  4. अनैच्छिक  =  involuntary
    A necessary agent

  5. ज़रुरी  =  money
    The most necessary thing in one's life

  6. ज़रूरी  =  needed
    It didn't seem necessary for us to meet.

  7. अपेक्षित  =  requisite
    Place where the necessary water fuel and fodder can be obtained

  8. आवश्यक  =  state
    A necessary law

  9. ज़रूरत का सामान  =  requirements
    Allow the farmers to buy their necessaries under the favourable conditions

  10. आवश्यकता  =  requirements
    Food and shelter are necessaries of life.

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