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nod Definitions and meaning in English

  1. a sign of assent or salutation or command
  2. the act of nodding the head
  3. gesture of the head
  1. express or signify by nodding
  2. lower and raise the head, as to indicate assent or agreement or confirmation
  3. let the head fall forward through drowsiness
  4. sway gently back and forth, as is in a nodding motion
  5. be almost asleep
  6. gesture with head
  7. fall asleep

nod Sentences in English

  1. सम्मति  =  approval
    Showed the doorman my card and he gave me a friendly nod.

  2. सहमति प्रकट करना  =  affirm
    He judge nodded at the foreman to proceed.

  3. सिर हिलाना  =  move
    E nodded sympathetically.

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