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  1. force or compel somebody to do something
  2. bind by an obligation
  3. cause to be indebted
  4. provide a service or favor for someone
  5. require
  6. do a favor or kindness

oblige Sentences in English

  1. आभारी होना  =  be grateful
    Am highly obliged to you for your kind help.

  2. मजबूर होना  =  compell
    S a result of falling profits we were obliged to close the factory.

  3. एहसान करना  =  do favour
    Ould you oblige me by taking this letter to the director.

  4. काम करना  =  comply
    We had to oblige him.

  5. सहायता देना  =  comply
    We had to oblige him.

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