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Pronunciation of only

only Definitions and meaning in English

  1. being the only one
  2. single and isolated from others
  3. exclusive of anyone or anything else
  4. singular
  1. and nothing more
  2. without any others being included or involved
  3. with nevertheless the final result
  4. in the final outcome
  5. except that
  6. never except when
  7. as recently as
  8. barely; exclusively

only Sentences in English

  1. इकलौता  =  child
    An only child

  2. केवल  =  thing
    Only the president can authorize a nuclear attack.

  3. अकेला  =  alone
    He's the only child of his parents.

  4. एकमात्र  =  single
    That's the only pen i have.

  5. तभी  =  alone
    I'll tell you only if you promise not to tell anyone else.

  6. किंतु  =  but
    I'd offer to help you, only i'm really busy just now.

  7. सिर्फ  =  degree
    This book costs only 50 rs.

  8. माट्र  =  manner
    Only five minutes more.

  9. ही  =  very
    I only got here last night.

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