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  1. cause to open or to become open
  2. become available
  3. make available
  4. open up an area or prepare a way
  5. start to operate or function or cause to start operating or functioning
  6. become open
  7. talk freely and without inhibition

Open up Sentences in English

  1. बरसना शुरू होना  =  begin shooting
    Anti-aircraft guns opened up.

  2. खुलना  =  begin
    There's a new Thai restaurant opening up nearby.

  3. खुलना  =  be open
    New opportunities/markets are opening up for us.

  4. सामने लाना  =  bring about
    His stories opened up new worlds of the imagination.

  5. पैदा करना  =  create
    A clear gap had opened up between them.

  6. बढाना  =  increase
    Too much exercise might open up your wound.

  7. बढ़त हासिल करना  =  lead
    open up a 10-second/3-point lead.

  8. उपलब्ध कराना  =  make available
    open up undeveloped land.

  9. दरवाजा खोलना  =  open door
    Open up, this is the police.

  10. खोलना  =  open
    He never opens up shop on a Sunday.

  11. खुलकर बोलना  =  talk
    After a few drinks he began to open up a bit.

  12. खोलना  =  unlock
    open up the boot of a car.

  13. खोलना  =  unwrap
    open up a package.

  14. मार्ग प्रशस्त करना
    She opened up a graduate program for women students.

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