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oppose Definitions and meaning in English

  1. be against
  2. express opposition to
  3. fight against or resist strongly
  4. oppose with equal weight or force
  5. set into opposition or rivalry
  6. act against or in opposition to
  7. be resistant to
  8. fight
  9. obstruct
  10. compare
  11. play off

oppose Sentences in English

  1. अपने आप को खड़ा करना  =  election
    He is going to oppose as an independent candidate.

  2. मुकाबले पर रखना  =  compete
    They have selected him to oppose against him in the next election.

  3. विरोधी  =  event
    Most of us are opposed to dealth penalty.

  4. सामना करना  =  face
    Do you think, you will be able to oppose him.

  5. बाधा डालना  =  obstruct
    This has become his habit to oppose in all works.

  6. विरोध करना  =  protest
    The rest party opposed the budget.

  7. प्रतिरोध करना  =  resist
    It's of no use to oppose the proposal.

  8. रोकना  =  stop
    How dare you oppose him from doing this.

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