out of meaning in hindi

Pronunciation of out of

out of Sentences in English

  1. से दूरी पर  =  at a distance of
    The ship sank 10 miles out of stockholm.(breakable

  2. के कारण  =  because of
    Do sth out of mischief/spite/malice./help sb out of pity

  3. से बाहर  =  beyond
    He's still in intensive care but out of danger.

  4. में से  =  from among
    Choose one out of the six./this is only one example out of several i could give you.

  5. पर से  =  from on
    Jump out of the bed.

  6. से बाहर  =  from
    He diary must have fallen out of his pocket.

  7. स्  =  from
    She made a skirt out of the material i gave her.

  8. के बाहर  =  outside
    Fish can survive for only a short time out of water.

  9. के बिना  =  without
    Be out of flour/sugar/tea./he's been out of work for six months.

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